Emine de Bulgarie avec Hans d'AllemagneAccording to a famous quote, « travel broadens the mind ». This is still true today.
The “Tour d’ Europe” for students during the Renaissance and the “Tour de France des Compagnons” in the 19th century are two excellent historical examples of the importance of educational travel for young people.

If you are eager to leave your familiar surroundings in order to learn, to discover, to share, to connect, to work and to grow, we, the “Initiative Chrétienne pour l’Europe – Réseau Francophone “, will organize your voluntary service and accompany you on this journey.

 « Do you want to lead a happy life? Travel with two bags, one for giving and the other for receiving. » Goethe

Be committed in a voluntary


Hosting in France

ICE-RF is searching European girls and boys, between 18 and 25 years old, to do a voluntary, 
in France, in projects following people with disabilities.
Next missions are beginning in september 2017 for 11 months.
It's the best time to send your application !

Sending in Europe

If you are french and interested in doing a European Voluntary Service (EVS),
you can search projects on :

Send us your CV and motivation letter per email at ice@servicevolontaire .com